• I share 11 creative ways you can build more traffic to your new or existing blog. Promotion of your content is key to get more readers!

11 Creative Tactics to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

In this article, I share some creative ways to build more traffic to your blog! You've purchased your domain name, installed WordPress and started a blog. You brainstormed blog ideas and knocked out a couple of posts. Here comes the hard part, building traffic and a following for your site! Hi! I'm Rebecca, I'm the [...]

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  • How to start a business with barely any startup. You can start your own blog for under $200.

How to Start a Business With Hardly Any Startup

Have you ever wondered how to start a business? If you have, perhaps you were stopped by the idea that businesses cost an average of $30,000 to start. (That stat found here.) But is there a way to start a business that doesn't require so much money? In fact, there is! And the good news [...]

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  • How to make money as an Amazon Affiliate.

How to Make Money as An Amazon Affiliate

Earlier this week, a newer blogger asked me how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.  Note: This post contains affiliate links.  It reminded me that about a year and a half ago, I was in the same situation. I knew people were making money by blogging, but I didn't really know how to make [...]

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  • How to use Amazon CPM ads on your site.

How to Use Amazon CPM Ads on Your Site

As many of you know, I have been testing various ways to make money blogging since the get-go.  Today I'm focusing on how to use Amazon CPM ads to monetize your own blog. I think that many people are missing out on what Amazon has to offer, especially in the way of Amazon CPM ads. [...]

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The Big Fat (Honest) Affiliate Marketing Guide

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing?  Today, I'm bringing you a big affiliate marketing guide for newbies. Because out of every type of monetization, I think affiliate marketing is my favorite! This post contains affiliate links. (If you are new to affiliate marketing, no worries! I'll cover it all in this post.) I've felt a ton [...]

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10 Ways to Take Your Blog from Hobby to Business

Is your blog a business or a hobby? When I ask myself that question, I'm not sure how to answer it. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, honestly.  It's probably not the best thing for growth - but over time I've realized that taking things too seriously can set you up for some major [...]

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  • Your blog may never be lucrative if you're doing these things.

5 Reasons You May Never Have a Lucrative Blog

Do you have a lucrative blog? Does your blog have the potential to be lucrative? I know, those are some scary questions. Not all bloggers like to talk about money. But it's time to get real! (What is a lucrative blog, anyway?) Now that I've just had my first "blogiversary," I can really look back [...]

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  • Use Crowdfire to gain Twitter and Instagram followers.

How to Use Crowdfire to Gain Twitter + Instagram Followers

Hey blogging friends and mamas!  Want more Twitter and Instagram followers? Of course you do! Recently a lot of you have asked me how to get more sponsored work on Twitter (follow me!), how to gain more followers, and how to use it to get traffic to your blog. I recently came out with a [...]

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  • Want to know how to make money with sponsored Tweets?

How to Make Money with Sponsored Tweets

Several months ago, some of you came to me with questions about how I'm making money on Twitter.  I wrote about sponsored Tweets a few months ago but I'd like to answer your questions again today.  Although it's not a huge amount, I do make anywhere from $10-50 per month Tweeting for brands. However, I [...]

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Tools to Help You Avoid Blogging Overwhelm

Guys, earlier this week I joined a new affiliate program and I just felt the need to tell my blogging friends about it. Surprisingly, joining has been one of those things that just had PERFECT timing. You see, normally when I join an affiliate program it's a pretty good match with what I do and [...]

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