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Mom, and Boss blogger at BusyBloggingMom.com. When I'm not blogging or not tending to my mommy obligations, I take time to read a good book while drinking some hot cocao!
  • Money on Twitter

How to Make Money on Twitter: 3 Ways to Monetize Tweets

You follow celebrities on Twitter, and it also keeps you updated on what’s happening in the news. Maybe you’ve seen ads with large letters announcing that you can have six figure months if you could only hack your social media. Getting rich quick doesn’t happen through social media, but it is possible to monetize a [...]

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  • 40k per month

How Does This Mom Make $40,000+ per Month with her Blog?

A Girl, Her Blog, and a $40,000+ a Month Income One of the best way to get the motivation to start something is to find inspiration in others who have already walked the walk. In this post and my next two, I will be featuring and doing exposés on three mom bloggers who have created [...]

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  • Securing your blog to protect your readers’ privacy can become necessary if they have to input any kind of personal information on your site.

SSL on your Blog – Should you Add It?

If you are a regular BBM reader, maybe you noticed a change – all the pages on the site are now secure with SSL and has "https" at the beginning of the URL. This means that all our pages are secure. If you run a blog or thinking about starting a blog, I hope this [...]

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  • Blog Income Report February 2017 BusyBloggingMom.com

Blog Income Report February 2017

Dear readers, I'm happy to share my blog income report for February 2017! My first one since taking over Busy Blogging Mom. Indeed, February was a transition month as I took over the site. I posted my article about 11 Creative Tactics to Get More Traffic to Your Blog – it was the first post [...]

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  • I share 11 creative ways you can build more traffic to your new or existing blog. Promotion of your content is key to get more readers!

11 Creative Tactics to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

In this article, I share some creative ways to build more traffic to your blog! You've purchased your domain name, installed WordPress and started a blog. You brainstormed blog ideas and knocked out a couple of posts. Here comes the hard part, building traffic and a following for your site! Hi! I'm Rebecca, I'm the [...]

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