You follow celebrities on Twitter, and it also keeps you updated on what’s happening in the news. Maybe you’ve seen ads with large letters announcing that you can have six figure months if you could only hack your social media.

Getting rich quick doesn’t happen through social media, but it is possible to monetize a medium where you already spend your time wasting time. To make money from your Twitter account, you can consider a few different options.

Once you’re familiar with the rules, you can decide the best method to start making your cash. Let’s take a look.

Money on Twitter

1. Get sponsored tweets

Big name celebrities command huge numbers for product placement using sponsored tweets. While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get Kardashian numbers, you can still catch a few bucks for doing what you’re already doing, tweeting about things you like.

To do this, you can sign up with a few different organizations to get the attention of marketers and businesses looking for people like you. TweetPeddler takes only about 20 seconds to create an account, and you can set a price for your tweets for advertisers. 

You can also set up your account with a site for partnering with brands and advertisers. Users who click through your tweet links earn you a commission.

2. Become an affiliate

Do you have a favorite product or service? Chances are, you can become an affiliate and earn cash every time you persuade someone to buy.

Many products and services offer a small commission to people signed up for their affiliate programs. You receive a unique link to their shop site, and anyone who clicks that link and completes a purchase earns you a small commission. 

Some simple places to get started are with iTunes and Groupon. Other sites could be Amazon or other larger e-commerce sites. You can even check with your favorite product to see if they have an existing affiliate program or could create one for you.

3. Drive traffic to another site

You can use Twitter to drive traffic to your business site if you’re savvy about marketing. If you have a blog, you can use targeted hashtags on twitter to call your target audience. They are more likely to click through, and increased page views make your blog more valuable to advertisers and other affiliate marketers.

It’s also an excellent way to keep your blog content fresh and on the cutting edge. Researching on search engines turns up quality information but only after it’s happened. Research on Twitter reveals what people are asking right now, so you can jump on any emerging trends before they show up in articles later.

If you have an e-commerce site, social media marketing with Twitter means not only google searches but Twitter searches that show up as people are looking for products like yours. You can find and follow your target customer. You can even offer special deals for people who support you.

If you provide services, Twitter is a great way to advertise what you can do and build relationships with your subscribers or clients. It’s excellent for mentions and for maintaining another link to your customer service. 

Start with one method and move on to the rest

It’s best to start with one method and perfect it rather than trying to add in all three at the same time. Monetizing any form of social media takes a period of trial and error as you figure out what works for you. It also can take some time before you begin to see any results from your efforts.

Doing everything at once can be confusing for the audience you already have, and it makes it difficult to widen your audience.

One thing you need to be clear about is the FTC’s rules about making money on social media platforms. It helps to read the guidelines for things like sponsored tweets and marketing.

Twitter is an efficient way to demonstrate your behavior towards your customers, both good customers and customers who complain. This increases your social proof and generates better trust with people thinking about using your services.

Twitter is a wonderful tool for enhancing your web presence and bringing in cash whether directly through Tweeting or using twitter to round out your web marketing for another site. 

Do you have experience monetizing your Twitter account? Let us know how it worked in the comments below!