Awhile back, I shared my list of great gifts for bloggers and you all loved it!

So today I decided to write an updated version on that very list based on what I’ve learned since. 

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you! 

I think that a lot of us want to be entrepreneurs (if we aren’t already), but we’re still hesitant to make investments and celebrate small wins along the way. 

Luckily, blogging is among one of the cheapest (if not THE cheapest) businesses to start. At less than $150 for startup, I’d say it’s definitely a worthwhile investment when you consider that the average brick-and-mortar business costs $30,000 to start. (That stat is from the SBA.)

However, I understand that many of us start a blog because we are looking for new ways to add to our income, and we are slowly plugging away at that dream of financial freedom. For a lot of us, that start up cost is a chunk of money that could have easily been put toward bills, groceries, and any number of other things.

Looking for great gifts for bloggers?

The point is that I totally understand that $150 is nothing for some – and everything for others. 

But once you start making money with your blog, you might find yourself saying, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” I find myself saying that with various blogging tools and investments, and my list of investments to make is still long. 

And that’s the exact attitude I have when making blog purchases – they are all investments!  The more I spend, the more growth I have – that’s just how business works. 

There are things that I want for my business – they might be fun or helpful to have – and there are things that I truly feel I need. (At the top of my list right now is pro web design + branding.)

I know that a lot of bloggers are in a similar position – most don’t start out investing thousands in their blogs – and they too have a long list of wants and needs. So I decided to split this list up based on cost so that bloggers at all levels can treat themselves or make those much needed investments. Feel free to share this list of gifts for bloggers with your friends, family, and your blogging friends. 🙂 

Big Gifts for Bloggers ($150+)

  • A professional logo  – from 99designs – starts at $299. This is high on my list right now. I NEED a better logo and I think a lot of new bloggers feel the same way. 
  • Web design or a branding package – from 99designs – $300+ Also high on my list. I can’t wait to be able to make this investment. 
  • A new camera for those pro pics and pins – I’ve been using Nikon’s D3300 and it makes a huge difference for my Pinterest strategy. Runs $500+ depending on the package you get. You can get a kit with a camera bag, different lenses, plus the camera. Or you can get just the camera. 
  • A new laptop for writing on the go, easy photo editing, etc. I swear by my MacBook. My last one lasted about 6 years, and I upgraded before it was completely “gone.” Starting in the $800 range. 

Medium Gifts for Bloggers ($50-150)

  • A one-year subscription to Tailwind – This is my favorite Pinterest scheduler and it has played a huge part in my blog growth. The unlimited annual plan is $119. 
  • A beautiful new theme from StudioPress – A new theme helps give your site a fresh look, and it can help it be unique and easily navigated. I started with the Genesis framework and went from there. Now I can customize every tiny little bit of my site without having to know a ton of techie stuff. Prices vary from $35-150ish. 
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – For premium photo editing. $150
  • A Logitech webcam for those starting to do webinars + other videos. I can’t wait to get started on this one! $50-150
  • A microphone, also for webinars and other videos. $50-150

Small Gifts for Bloggers (up to $50)

  • The Bold Beginnings eBook – The ebook designed to help new bloggers learn to start, grow, and monetize their blogs without having to spend hundreds of hours reading tutorials. $12
  • A subscription to ConvertKit to help grow email lists and increase conversions – starts at $29 monthly. I just made this investment this month and my email list has grown tremendously since I’m able to send out valuable things with automation. 
  • A month of Tailwind – $15 – The first two weeks are free for new signups. Seriously, so worth it.
  • A month of premium editing from PicMonkey – I use PicMonkey for 90% of my blog graphics and I love the Royale features, so it’s something that I pay for every month. A monthly package is $4.99 but an annual package is even cheaper at $40. ($3.33/month)
  • byRegina’s EPIC BLOG Editorial Calendar – Perfect for planning blog posts for the upcoming year. $15
  • Ruth Soukup’s How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul – Perhaps the most popular among blogging how-to books. I read it when I was in my first few months blogging. $13
  • Fun washi tape for home office and photo staging – Just for fun or for those who do flat-lays and other stock photography (or just use it for their blogs). $8-15
  • A 2017 guide to SEO – Because you can never have enough growth strategies! $7.99
  • Gel pens for the home office. Because GEL PENS. $5-15. 
  • Some beautiful new graphics (fonts, illustrations, etc.) for DIY updating. A simple investment like a new font for pins and other graphics can go a long way. Starting at $5.
  • The Blog Traffic E-book from Lena at What Mommy Does – I just read this ebook a few days ago and it’s full of great strategies for newer bloggers. $20

That’s it! I hope that you are able to make the investments you feel necessary for your blog this year. Make it easier by sharing this list of gifts for bloggers with your friends and family!

What are your favorite gifts for bloggers? What’s at the top of your list? 

Happy blogging!