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My name is Rebecca, and I’m the owner here at Busy Blogging Mom. Besides being a mom and wife, I’m passionate about helping moms find ways to save and earn money – no matter their family situation.

My favorite way to support moms is by helping them see their own potential in the blogging world.  

Anyone can start a blog and make money from home. Don’t believe me? I’m a mom and blogger – just like many of my readers!

I started blogging to help me earn some money while being a stay-at-home mom. Now I help others learn to make money online by sharing my journey with you candidly.

Blogging is SO powerful for moms.

It gives us a new option to help us maintain our individuality. 

It gives SAHMs the opportunity to make money from home. 

It gives moms more independence. 

It gives us an outlet when our lives are filled with babies and housework.

And it gives us the chance to pursue a hobby or a serious career, without sacrificing family time. 

But blogging isn’t all fun and money. 

I’m here to help new bloggers and mamas see what it takes to start a blog, make money, and see growth.


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