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Mom, blogger, and wannabe #Boss. When I'm not blogging, I'm wrangling a messy toddler, working my way to the bottom of the laundry pile, or cuddling with my German Shepherd.
  • Want to know how to make money with sponsored Tweets?

How to Make Money with Sponsored Tweets

Several months ago, some of you came to me with questions about how I'm making money on Twitter.  I wrote about sponsored Tweets a few months ago but I'd like to answer your questions again today.  Although it's not a huge amount, I do make anywhere from $10-50 per month Tweeting for brands. However, I [...]

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  • 20 Great gifts for bloggers.

20 Great Gifts for Bloggers

Awhile back, I shared my list of great gifts for bloggers and you all loved it! So today I decided to write an updated version on that very list based on what I've learned since.  Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, I may receive a commission at no [...]

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Tools to Help You Avoid Blogging Overwhelm

Guys, earlier this week I joined a new affiliate program and I just felt the need to tell my blogging friends about it. Surprisingly, joining has been one of those things that just had PERFECT timing. You see, normally when I join an affiliate program it's a pretty good match with what I do and [...]

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  • Which hosting company is best for you?

The Great Hosting Company Debate

*This post contains affiliate links. Are you shopping for a good hosting company? Are you weighing the pros and cons or thinking about switching to a different hosting company? I've seen a lot of new bloggers asking advice for which hosting companies they should be signing up with in Facebook groups lately. I've also seen a [...]

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  • Make the switch to all natural household products with these tips.

How to Make the Switch to All Natural Household Products

Hey friends! Today I want to talk about making the switch to all natural household products. I know, I know - one more thing to worry about, right? This post contains affiliate links. Well, that's exactly it - if you haven't already made the switch to natural household products, you SHOULD be worried. (Now, I'll [...]

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The Fun & Frugal Countdown to Christmas

As we enter the holiday season, I know that thousands of families are looking for frugal ways to celebrate. The holidays don't have to break the bank, and they shouldn't put tons of financial stress on families. A lot of people start planning for the holidays several months in advance, and some even keep a [...]

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  • Need blog ideas? Here are 30.

30+ Blog Ideas for Beginners

Today I come to you with blog ideas for beginners. Why?  Because lately I've heard a lot of people say, "Well, I'd start a blog except that I wouldn't know what to write about." Seriously, I get it. It took me a long time to figure this whole thing out and be brave. I thought [...]

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  • 20 Artisan gift ideas for the holidays, birthdays, and beyond.

20 Artisan Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and many of us have already begun the search for artisan gift ideas for that perfect gift for a list of people we love. This year I bring to you a list of artisan gift ideas - for those of us who like to support small business and the crafts [...]

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  • Want to increase page views on your blog or website? Here are 21 proven methods.

21 Different Ways to Increase Page Views Quickly

Learning how to increase page views is certainly a top priority among bloggers of all kinds. (I think we can all agree on that one!) But learning how to increase page views is also probably one of the hardest things about blogging. If you're new here, this blog is where I share what I've learned [...]

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  • Beautiful fonts make all the difference for your brand.

10 Beautiful Fonts to Give Your Brand a Fresh Look

One of the first things I did when I was ready to get serious about blogging was consider branding, including the investment of beautiful fonts. I am not a graphic designer, so at the very least, I knew I needed to have a distinct font instead of the free ones you see so overused.   [...]

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